[Insert Psychotic Howl Here]

Here, Kate flies on the waves of her own delirium while playing the part of the spoiled tourist in her song, “Egypt.” Egypt is an interesting song, however, because it is sung completely from the point of view of a tourist woman who doesn’t see the poverty and despair of the country she is visiting. Therefore, many people are led to believe that Kate herself is actually just as ignorant, when really she is just playing the part to make a point. Funny how art tends to confuse like that.

Sidenote: This is yet another clip from her fabulous 1979 Xmas Special. There are gonna be a lot of gifs from that show. It was pretty gif-a-rific.

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Dance For Joy, Dance Because You’re Possessed

I’m back! Sorry for the large delay, guys. School has been hitting me extra hard, and I haven’t even had time to update this blog lately! I’m still at it, though.

Anyway, here we see Kate Bush, possessed by the red shoes, dancing in what appears to be hell, over a pile of bones. This is not only a music video for her song, “The Red Shoes,” but it is also an excerpt from her short film “The Line, The Cross, And The Curve.” While her short film may have been a bit of a flop, it still had interesting imagery, at least. Example: The gif above.

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Through Her Skin

Here, Kate flops to her side inside a plastic bubble while pretending to be an unborn fetus amidst a nuclear holocaust, all as a part of the music video for her song, “Breathing.” Why? Oh, because ‘Breathing’ is actually about an unborn fetus existing during a nuclear holocaust. And she not only made that song, but she made it fucking compelling and good to listen to. Just another reason to check off the list of why she is awesome.

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Take A Huskie To The Ice

There will be lots of gifs on this blog from the famous 1979 Kate Bush Christmas Special. I may have already said that… Anyway, this one is from her performance of her song, “December Will Be Magic Again.” Here, Kate motions of snowfall with her fingers. ^__^

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Let Me In Your Window

I never quite understood why Kate did that motion in front of her mouth when she said “window” in the American music video for her song, “Wuthering Heights.” (Also known as the “Red Dress Video”) One thing’s for sure though: It makes a good animated gif!

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Open Wide

This is another gif from Kate’s ridiculously amazing 1979 Xmas special, the clip being from her choreographed performance to the song, “Ran Tan Waltz.” Ran Tan Waltz is a song that’s about a man whose wife is always cheating on him, or as it’s referred to in the song, “ran-tanning” — a slurring of the term “going around town.” I personally love that term.

I also love Kate’s expression when she finishes her flip.

sidenote: it’s a new month, so that means a new banner/background color for Kate Bush Gifs!

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Two Eyes, Two Music Videos, A Double Delight

I decided to be nice today and give a double-gif special. Gif on the left is a clip from Kate’s music video for her song, “Army Dreamers.” Gif on the right is a clip from her music video for, “Sat In Your Lap.

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