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I admit that this is kind of a weird clip to turn into an infinitely looping gif, but whatever. I like it because it has flashing lights, a funny dance, and not one, two, three, or four, but FIVE Kate Bushes. As a devout KB fan, this gif is like catnip.

Anyway, this clip is from a live performance of her song, “Babooshka” on British TV. She is half-and-half dressed, though, because the song is about a woman who works under an alias as a fake woman named ‘Babooshka.’ Double-personality, hence a double-outfit.  Eh, whatever. It makes sense when you research this stuff as intensely as I do.


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I love Kate Bush
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1 Response to All Yours

  1. hsles says:

    For Russians the name of the song sounds a bit strange. As ‘babooshka’
    in Russian means an old lady. I wrote a few words about that in my blog

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