Rockin’ To The Flow

Some may snicker at the seemingly goofy dancing that Kate Bush does. To all the haters, though, just know that this clip is from her performance of “Moving” live in Japan for the 1978 Tokyo Music Festival, a huge international music competition in one of the toughest pop markets on Earth. She got the Silver Prize. She was 19 years old. Who’s goofy now?

(Well, OK, Kate Bush is still goofy, but she’s awesome and an artist too)

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I love Kate Bush
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1 Response to Rockin’ To The Flow

  1. Lisa Campbell says:

    Thanks for the Gifs it saves me hours of searching for kates’ weird and obscure performances. I love her and there is no such thing as a bad performance from her & no-one could ever accuse her of being boring!!

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