Happy Birthday Kate

Well I guess this is the first post of Kate Bush Gifs.

Not much to say here, except that Kate Bush is my number 1 favorite musical artist of all time. This is so not only for her heartwrenching musical compositions and her emotional and thought-provoking lyrics, but also for her wildly creative and entertaining way of dancing, performing, and just simply being. Kate was and still is a pioneer in the way people think and emote, and as a result, her many video appearances are full of memorable moments that will make any newcomer to her world wonder to themselves, “just who IS this woman??!?”

Anyway, to salute my number one diva, I am now making Kate Bush Gifs, a blog dedicated to these moments of pleasure. I will try to keep the gifs coming daily, but with my own schedule that may not be possible. We’ll see. Either way, here are your Kate Bush Gifs.

I hope they bring you so much joy.

Oh, and four days ago (July 30) was her birthday, hence the title of this post. Happy birthday, Cathy girl!  I do love ya.


About katebushgifs

I love Kate Bush
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