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Two Eyes, Two Music Videos, A Double Delight

I decided to be nice today and give a double-gif special. Gif on the left is a clip from Kate’s music video for her song, “Army Dreamers.” Gif on the right is a clip from her music video for, “Sat In Your … Continue reading

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Ooh Yea, You’re Amazing…

Kate writes in the air with her hand as she acts for the music video for her song, “Wow.” Once again wearing her classic purple Wow-Dress, Kate always dares to go the route of thought-out interpretive performance, and always ignores the … Continue reading

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Does This Count As Some Sort Of Seventies-Robot Dance?

If you dislike monotony, then you’ll probably hate the fact that this blog will feature many many MANY gifs of Kate wiggling her booty/body in funny ways. But the thing is, Kate’s wiggling and dancing is just so endlessly entertaining … Continue reading

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Not much to say. This is from one of the two music videos Kate made for her song, “Wow.” She always wears that same (or at least something similar to it) purple dress whenever she performs Wow, though. Either way, Kate … Continue reading

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…………..and almost a week later, I finally make another post. Don’t worry, though! I have not forgotten Kate Bush Gifs! I love KB a little too much to just forget about this project of mine. The real problem is that … Continue reading

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I Am Happy!

I have completely moved into my place at Uni! Yay! Fun Fact about me: I’m totally American, so whenever I say “Uni,” it’s just my way of pretending I’m from Britain or Australia or something. Either way, hopefully this means … Continue reading

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I dunno, it’s just something about the passion in her expression that I like so so so much about this particular shot. This shot, by the way, is from Kate’s live performance of “Running Up That Hill,” a performance that, by … Continue reading

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