Repetitive But Always Different

Yea, it’s another gif from a performance of her song “Wuthering Heights” on the British show ‘Top Of The Pops.’ But I made this gif while one of my friends looked on, and he noted that the motions of her hands were mesmerizing due to their repetitive yet always different nature. Yet another way of explaining why Kate has enchanted so many souls with her sounds and sights.

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All Yours

I admit that this is kind of a weird clip to turn into an infinitely looping gif, but whatever. I like it because it has flashing lights, a funny dance, and not one, two, three, or four, but FIVE Kate Bushes. As a devout KB fan, this gif is like catnip.

Anyway, this clip is from a live performance of her song, “Babooshka” on British TV. She is half-and-half dressed, though, because the song is about a woman who works under an alias as a fake woman named ‘Babooshka.’ Double-personality, hence a double-outfit.  Eh, whatever. It makes sense when you research this stuff as intensely as I do.

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The First Time In My Life I Keep The Lights On

Kate dances in the music video for her song, “Hammer Horror,” which is an interesting song; it’s about someone whose actor friend dies, so he takes the dead actor’s part. However, he then has suspicions that the dead actor friend is haunting him. Hammer Horror!!! Haha, not that you can tell any of this from the gif above. Buuuuuut whatever. Enjoy your gif.

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Om Mani Padme Hum

What’s better than Kate Bush? Two Kate Bushes! And here they both are in this clip from the “Efteling Special” performance of her song, “Strange Phenomena.”

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The Department Of Funny Kate Bush Walks

Everyone loves a little goofy Kate Bush dance, though! Also, you can totally watch this gif upside down! This is from the British-release music video of her song, “Wuthering Heights.”

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Do You Wanna Feel How It Feels?

In the clip above, Kate does some fantastic dancing for the music video of her song, “Running Up That Hill.” For the video, Kate wanted dance to incorporate the singer rather than just happen around her. Sadly, however, MTV didn’t air this video at first (god knows why) and instead aired a live performance of RUTH from a different show. Just goes to show that Kate was never fully appreciated, even in her heyday.

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Sometimes, you just need a moment to be calm. And despite her frequent displays of extreme and outlandish performance, Kate Bush, too, understands this necessity.

This gif is a clip from her performance of her song, “The Man With The Child In His Eyes” on the ‘Efteling TV Special.’

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